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Comment Editing Permissions

  • Is it possible to restrict what users can do with comments on their own blog? At the moment, my users can not only delete/approve/unapprove, but also edit the content of the comment – this is obviously not ideal because a malicious user could make it appear that someone who commented said something else.

    Ideally a user with a blog would be able to delete a comment if they are not happy with it, but not alter the content. I’d settle for users not being able to do anything with comments on their blog at all, though.

    Any solutions for this?

    edit: also, while I am here, are there any plugins that would provide user role management or similar? Ideally I’d like to be able to set permissions such as above, and/or be able to do things like set users read-only. I’ve tried a couple but no luck finding one that does what I need. I figure that making these kind of changes would require something like:

    1. user is added to ‘read_only’ table in db
    2. if the user attempts to edit/create content, a lookup is performed first on the read_only db table.
    3. if they are found there, the content edit/create action is not performed; a message is displayed.

    So I would guess this would involve adding some kind of filter to any kind of content creation/edit function? Does that sound right?


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