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Comment Fields Disappeared

  • tridian


    Hello Andy and all at BuddyPress. I’ve put up a demo version of RC1 and it’s working great w/ one exception. When I use the buddypress-home theme as my main theme, the comment fields disappeared from my site. You cannot comment on any post.

    The theme I was using beforehand, called “Modern Notepad” worked great and if I swap it out w/ the buddypress-home theme, the comment fields come right back. I ran through each file in both templates and found the culprit to be functions.php inside the budypress-home theme. If I take the functions.php document from my old theme and place it in the buddypress-home theme folder, the comments come right back.

    Now I know that’s not the best course of action so I’m wondering if anyone else has had this problem and can tell me what I should modify in functions.php to correct the issue?

    I have “Allow Comments” and “Allow Pings” checked in my admin for the articles and I have deactivated all of my plugins as well with no luck.

    Thanks very much for your time and effort on this great project!

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  • John James Jacoby


    Had the same problem. This was covered by Burt and myself a few days ago, but it comes down to the fact that everything in your install is fine, but not in your functions.php. The reason comments aren’t showing up is because it’s actually loading index.php instead of single.php.

    If you copy the latest functions.php over from RC1 into your template, it should all come back to you. If you made any custom edits to that file, be sure to move them over of course.



    Hello johnjamesjacoby and thanks very much for your reply. Unfortunately I grabbed the new functions.php and placed it into my buddypress-home theme folder and I still have the same issue. (Again, just to test after this did not work, I tried the functions.php from my older template and it worked just fine). Just as a background, this install is from the latest RC1 combo download. Is there anything else I can tell you about my configuration to help with this? Thanks again very much for your time

    John James Jacoby


    This is the offending code from the RC1 functions.php…

    /* Catch specific URLs */
    function bp_show_home_blog() {
    global $bp, $query_string;

    if ( $bp->current_component == HOME_BLOG_SLUG ) {
    $pos = strpos( $query_string, 'pagename=' . HOME_BLOG_SLUG );

    if ( $pos !== false )
    $query_string = preg_replace( '/pagename=' . HOME_BLOG_SLUG . '/', '', $query_string );


    $single_check = strpos( $query_string, '&name=' );

    if ( $single_check === false )
    bp_core_load_template( 'index', true );
    bp_core_load_template( 'single', true );
    add_action( 'wp', 'bp_show_home_blog', 2 );

    Try removing that and see if it comes back or what the effects are…

    I was tackling this issue along with a few others at the time, and to be honest tracking down all of the quirks has me a bit lost and frazzled as to how exactly I fixed this one…



    That worked! I understand you all must be really frazzled right now w/ the current release so I really appreciate the quick responses. I’ll see if there are any residual effects that I can find by leaving that out and will report back to you if there are. Thanks very much again.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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