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Commenting Cum Discussion Application for Buddypress

  • Please give your reviews over the concept that I am planning to implement for buddypress ,plugin of wordpress.

    The purpose of this app is to make commenting function more functional and appealing by allowing users to give positive, negative or neutral comments to a post. Similarly, others are allowed to do the same with their replies. Various features will be added in the app to make it more worthy and making it useful for online discussions. Another novel sequel of this app is its ability of determining user’s characteristics based on his behavior.

    User’s characteristics:

    User’s characteristics (in terms of percentage) will be determined depending upon his posts and way of replying in a social networking site.

    a) Confidence : The extent to which user refers discussions before responding to a post.

    b) Daring : The extent to which user gives negative replies as identified.

    c) Influence : The extent to which user’s posts are favored.

    d) Agreeableness : The extent to which user favors other posts.

    e) Interaction : The number of posts responded by a user with respect to total number of posts in his updates.

    Additional features

    The following features will also be added in the app.

    a) Provision of various categories for using CCD app for starting discussions.

    b) Automatic clearance : Removal of defied comments over a limit set by the user of a post when publishing it.

    c) Showing most appraised and resisted comments of the session of any post. This would also help to show the result of any discussion.

    d) Linking comments : In this scenario, user can use his previous comment or post to reply other posts (or comments). The comment along with its complete session will be displayed.

    e) User will also able to keep a log of his comments or posts appraised more than a limit set by him in his account. He will be able to track down the all comments related to those present in his log.

    f) Ranking of all users according to their per characteristic value and publicizing the excellencies.

    More features may be added during development period of the app.

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