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Comments and Posts on secondary blogs not showing? Help!

  • I have buddypress enabled in a secondary blog, and wordpress in the primary for my news site. Nor the news I post, nor the comments of my users are shown in the Activity stream, how can I solve it? Help :)

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  • You can see the problem here: (main blog)

    In the activity are not displayed the posts we’ve created in the frontpage, nor the comments

    Please, help!




    are you able to post, and the post shows up but disapears when you refresh the site?

    No, all seems to work correctly, is just that seems that when you put buddypress in a secondary blog, it doesen’t caches the primary blog posts… because the posts of my secondary blog are appearing

    Nobody? Ho can I make my posts of a secondary blog appear on Buddypress? And Comments? @r-a-y @djpaul



    Not sure what you’re talking about… the blog posts and comments show up on the activity stream.

    I see this blog post:

    And this blog comment:

    Make sure you’re actually viewing the activity stream and also try the “Show Blog Posts” or “Show Blog Comments” filter in the dropdown box located on the right:

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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