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Comments link to BuddyPress activity

  • fernanf


    Hi everybody,

    I have a Comments section in WP’s dashboard, because in my current theme the users are able to leave comments for each uploaded video. The comments are linked to the video where they left them. Furthermore, there is a Music section (dashboard) where the users are able to upload all they videos want.
    I would like take into account the users’ comments said above instead of the the activity (comments) left by the users considering Buddypress plugin, because these last comments are not linked to the uploaded videos in my Music section (consider that Music section is not within the Page structure; it is not created a new page for each video, for this reason I cannot see my Music section in the following path in dashboard (WP): Settings>BuddyPress>Pages.

    How could I link my comments to BuddyPress activity?


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  • Venutius


    I’m not exactly sure what you are asking. Are you looking for new video posts to create an activity update in BuddyPress?

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