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Comments not showing on main activity

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  • Tammie Lister


    My ‘gut’ reaction when commenting doesn’t work would be it’s scripting but you say it’s commenting only for users. So that doesn’t really apply – scripting would mean it was broken for one and all.

    Have you tried with the default theme for BuddyPress? Just as a sanity check?

    tried changing back to the default theme
    same issue
    admin comments remain
    while other member comments do not show on the main activity feed

    the filter for activity page
    say there are no comments at all!

    comments show up on individual profile pages though

    Comments show on individual profiles but not on the main activity feed!

    the filter that shows only comments on the acitivity page shows nothing as well

    have S2 membership, would that cause problems?

    Testing some more, only some users are able to comment

    while other users comments don’t show

    it doesnt seem to be whether or not a user is an admin


    sometimes when I try to comment the screen goes blank with the number 0 on it

    Perhaps something wrong with the AJAX? as when I comment the entire pages needs to be refreshed

    I’m having the same problem. After updating to the latest BP (1.6.2) I’m not getting comments from blogs appearing in the activity stream or profiles either. I’m using the default theme with nothing changed. I’m also getting the ‘weird’ blank screen when adding an update directly to the activity stream. It has added the update to the activity stream – it’s there when you redisplay the activity page.

    I’ve updated the ‘network’ a couple of times – it makes no difference.

    I did update from an old WP version 3.2 (I think) to 3.5 in one go – not sure if that would make a difference? It seems to be the same for me (Admin) as well as for all members on all blogs no matter what ‘role’ they have.

    It seems to me that from the update point comments are not being ‘saved’ to the activity stream.

    Don’t understand what criteria comments are allowed

    some users can comment on the main activityfeed (it not admin)

    nor is it the S2 Membership levels

    while other’s comments only show in their individual profile activityfeed

    Another ‘symptom’. One the primary site and one blog that I’ve checked I cannot move (drag) or open widgets. Which I think implies a JS problem?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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