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Commonly Used Plugins

  • Leandro



    I’m helping to develop a theme for buddypress and are faced with a problem involving plugins.

    For the plugins that use the templates to the theme itself there is no problem, but for those who use their own templates we already identified a problem involving the code that generates the sidebar. (The number and position of the sidebars is determined within the theme settings, files that generate the pages have a specific code that pulls this information and adjusts the body of the site).

    I saw that when the template of the plugin is in the theme file, it overwrites the template present in the plugin folder, so we think of pre-integrate the commonly used plugins for buddypress.

    I would like a list of plugins that people usually use and it generates its own pages (like album or bp-jet-event).

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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