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Company Profiles & Employee Users

  • uponity


    i have big Challenge and i want to know, if it’s possible.

    I need a Solution to create Company Profiles with Fields about the Adress, ZipCode, City etc… This Company can create a user (employee).
    This User can invite another User(employee) to this Company.
    If he do that, the Company profile Fields must be Synced with the Employee Profile Field Data.
    The Employee Fild Data about the Company must be the Same as tthe Company.

    My Acutally Setup:
    User Creation: BuddyPress
    Company Profiles: With BuddyPress Groups
    To create a Group (Company) and a User Registration i use Buddyforms.
    Buddyforms Create a new Post in a Custom Post Type with the Company Information an attach this Post to the Group.

    Maybe is it possible, all BP Group Members will be synced with this custom fields?

    Or maybe i need another Solution?


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  • shanebp


    It can be done. You will need to write a ‘bridge’ between the data in group meta ( Company Profiles ) and a user’s profile data.
    ( Hopefully, a user can only belong to one group. )
    How you do that and how often it needs to ‘sync’ is up to you.
    This task will require an experienced BP developer.



    Okay, thank you for your Reply.
    Where can i find an experienced BP developer?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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