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Compatibility with Multilingual Press

  • Roger Coathup


    Hitting issues with BuddyPress and compatibility with Multilingual Press for creation of Multilingual sites.

    Multilingual Press uses a multisite setup, with a different sub-domain (or sub directory), for each language version of the site, e.g.:, (for the French version), (for the German version) and so on.

    Pages, content are duplicated on each sub-domain, and you then translate as necessary. It’s a nice model, and doesn’t face the page load performance and other problems of some of the multilingual solutions.

    Unfortunately, the system breaks with the BuddyPress pages such as Activity, Groups, etc. — attempts to access work fine, but going to will throw a 404 error

    I assume this is because BP’s catch_uri functions are stopping the normal processing of urls such as /activity and /groups

    Would be could to get some thoughts on how this could be addressed — whether it’s possible to hook into the uri processing support accordingly.

    Thanks in advance,

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  • Roger Coathup


    ok.. props to @hnla

    Defining the constant BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG in bp-custom.php fixed the problem.

    @boone – any thoughts on this vs. enabling BP on a site by site basis (as suggested as preferable in your in file comments)? Is activity / members / groups, etc. shared when BP is activated separately for each site?

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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