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completely remove buddypress members nav without losing functionality

  • justin171185


    First off, let me say that I am totally blind and thus use a screen reader. I am decent from inside wp-admin, but very nervous about making code changes, unless I can litterally do a copy/paste. So please please be nice, and make your reply as detailed as possible. I have found posts online to remove and reorder items from Buddypress navbar, but no way to remove it completely.
    You may ask, why would I want to do this? Well, I run an online radio station, and buddypress is added feature, to create an online community around the station, with chat, a forum, and on demand content. However, things weren’t going as I wanted with my radio theme.
    I tried to use the navigation widget which comes with the new Buddypress template, but so far as I could tell, with my screen reader, it was not showing up. Plus, the new bp template wasn’t playing well with the rest of my site, so switched to legacy. So, I have created a custom menu, with some BuddyPress items, some BBPress items, and some custom pages. And used the standard wordpress Navigation Menu widget to make items available from anywhere on the site. So, I have all the functionality I need right there. And thus the navbar just ends up adding duplicate links.

    I know if you do this wrong, you can break buddypress functions. I want to keep features, just get rid of the navbar.
    Using latest wordpress, latest BuddyPress, and On Air2 radio station theme.
    Your help will be much appreciated. If this could be done via plugin, that would be incredible. Otherwise, please be very very specific. Exact file to edit/create, exact lines to add/edit/remove, exact changes to be made. Like I said, I am very confident in wp-admin, but scared to death of code, more specifically, breaking something and not being able to fix it.

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