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Complex Forums with attachments

  • I’m new to this so bear with me, and yes I did post this in the WP support forums last night but got no responses, but then I hadn;t found this forum then . . . sorry!

    I’ve been working on a site with a friend and we need to implement a public blog (with the usual log in and comment features) with a private forum behind it (which can only be viewed by registered members). I administer a similar forum-only site using phpBB forum software, but we need to do this with WordPress.

    After hacking around with bbPress and failing because I could’t make any kind of granular security based on the log ons, I changed to BuddyPress. I can now make “Groups” which individual users can register to and that provides me the security I need, although I am still struggling with the membership aspects. However what BuddyPress lacks is the ability to allow forum posters to attach files such as PDFs or MP3s (this is a music discussion forum for songwriters so we need PDFs for music scores, and MP3 for finished works).

    All I can say as a newbie is, HEEEEEEEELLLP! Is there a plug-in that allows users to post files, or will we have to create a separate file respository on the main WP site and link (bad as most of the users may not be that savvy)?

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