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Compose Message Nickname and Avatar Location

  • rwhite2366


    I have buddypress integrated into a non-standard theme and have been making modifications to the css. I have come across one issue that I can’t seem to fix.

    When composing a message, the “Send To” field is floating left, while the “Subject” and “Message” fields are centered in the middle of the page. When I begin to type within the “Send To” field, the username that I was typing will autofill and will show up below the “Send To” field. When I click this name, or press enter, the nickname and avatar will appear to the left of the “Send To” field, and the “Send To” field is pushed right. I’d like to center the “Send To” field and make the nickname and avatar appear above the “Send To” field. Where can I find the script controlling the nickname and avatar that appears after the autofill name is selected?

    If it helps, this is the code that controls the input field which is located under ‘members/single/messages/compose.php’

        <ul class="first acfb-holder">

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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