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[Resolved] Compose Message > Send To, ajax request is very slow

  • xjamesb


    A key feature of the compose message “Send To” field is that as the user starts typing a friend’s name the UI prompts with possible users.

    On my system this is unusable because it is so slow.

    Firebug shows that the call to admin-ajax takes 3 seconds to return.

    * is 3 seconds expected or particularly bad?
    * Is this design sound? I would expect 100ms response on KeyUp therefore we will need to preload data into the page
    * How can I optimise the current situation?
    **Can caching help?

    All thoughts are welcome!

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  • Henry Wright


    admin-ajax.php is known for being a little clunky. Googling to see if anyone else is experiencing problems with it I can across :

    What hardware are you using? Are you on a shared hosting system? A ded? VPS?



    that search for friends has always been a bit slow. it could be a combo of slow hardware, alot of friends or js that isn’t written efficiently.



    Thank you for the feedback Henry and Modemlooper.

    I have now got acceptable performance. Newrelic showed that admin-ajax.php was triggering a bug in BuddyPress Docs that was adding 3.5 s to each response. The plugin author is addressing the issue.

    Inspection of Firebug log shows that an AJAX request is made on each keyUp. As Henry’s link suggests and my Newrelic logs show admin-ajax is consuming most of my sites resources. Developers need to reduce its use.

    For small sites like mine with a perhaps 100 members in total the entire directory could be pre-loaded when the Compose tab is loaded. This would reduce server load and give 100ms response to the user.

    How can I flag this as a feature request to core developers?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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