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compose message, send to username

  • Tijmen Smit



    I installed buddypress 1.1.3 and wp 2.8.6 yesterday and was doing some testing when I noticed something what I think is a bit weird, but maybe there is a good reason for it why it works the way it does.

    When I login in as a normal user and start typing the name of the user where I would like to send a message to, it doesn’t always autofill the name in the send to field. This only seems to work when the other user is on my friend list.

    The only way to send users a message that are not on my friend list would be by going to their profile page and then click on send a message. But just simply typing his name in the send to field doesn’t work unless they are on my friend list. If you do fill in the name of the user where you want to send a message to and click submit it shows an error. “There was an error sending that message, please try again”

    Why is that? It doesn’t make sense to me why I shouldn’t be able to simply fill in the users name and send them a message, I don’t think it should be relevant whether they are on my friend list or not. Also the error messages doesn’t really tell me what went wrong either, its not like the user doesn’t exist.

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  • Xevo


    Why would you want to send something to a total stranger? If you want to send more then one message it usually means their someone you know and you can make them a friend.

    If you would autoload the whole database, it would be a bigger server load anyway, so just loading friends takes less resources.

    Not sure why that error shows up though, perhaps you made a typo in the name?

    This is the way it works at the moment. If you want it changed, create an enhancement ticket suggestion on using the username/password which you use for this site.

    At the minimum, yes, that error message ought to be improved.

    I’m marking this thread as ‘not a support issue’ as this is working the way things should be working at the moment.



    I have the same issue but turned on its head.
    If I write a username in the send to box even if they are not a friend it sends the message anyway.
    I’m using bp1.1.3 wp2.8.6.
    Any idea how I can get this reverted, I haven’t altered the code in friends apart from creating a language file to change friends to contacts……

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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