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Conceptual problem about themes

  • Sgrunt


    I’m facing a problem about creating bp themes.

    I’ve done my best to create a non intrusive way to style BuddyPress, only working on the site-wide css and images. Adding the css and images (that could be in a folder different to “images” folder) makes the trick: light, simple, immediate.

    In this way i know that my themes will be always compatibles with the future svn or versions of BP.

    But there is a problem: obviously WordPressMU will never recognize my themes as themes, and so i’m forced to add all the theme pages, and all the member theme pages i presume, although the member page is empty (i style everything in a site wide mode). and so i feel frustrated, having styled bp in the most “light” way, but forced to add tons of stuff to my .zip files.

    Could you suggest me a better way to work on this? I only need that user add a site wide css file in its “css” folder, and my images in a “new images” (or similar) folder to change both home and member, but what’s the best way to distributing this to users?

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  • nicolagreco


    if it’s only a css you could make it as a plugin :)



    a css and some images, i prefer not to touch code in order to not updating it on every buddypress release. But sorry..i have no idea how to make a plugin :-)

    You should think of a home theme as just a standard WordPress blog theme. It is no different other than a few new files to handle directories.

    A member theme is a “BuddyPress” theme, and should probably be called that.

    You should treat them as two entirely different themes, your WordPress theme should have the styles and images for just the WordPress parts and your BuddyPress theme should have the styles and images for just the BuddyPress parts.

    You could of course still provide the two themes in one download package, but they should still work independently. It’s not a good idea at all to make the themes dependent on one another. Someone may want to use your member theme but keep their own blog theme.

    I’ll be writing more docs on this soon.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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