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Concerns For Large Forums Site (Hosting VS CDN)

  • RT77


    I am still in development with my website but assuming like many other forums sites that I will probably get many members in time but was concerned about backups and sizes of files, the database, image files, etc.. I usually operate small hobby sites for myself and was able to back them up very easily by either the backup option via cpanel or just manually via ftp with the files and then export the sql database via myphpadmin but with this I am concerned that when it grows too large that I will not be able to make as well as download the backups if they grow too large.

    With buddypress I was going to give users the option to use avatars and background images for their profile pages, but like I said I am concerned out that this thing will expand too large eventually and make my life more difficult than it should be.

    How can I deal with this in advance so I don’t have an issue later?
    I tried looking into using a CDN but was turned off by lack of understanding of how you integrate it with wordpress, and how exactly the process works.

    I wish to avoid a CDN if possible it seems just another service to worry about and other features I may not use. If I was hosting videos I would probably require it but just for images? I am not sure.. looks difficult to setup and would still would be worried about how do I back everything up.. Couldn’t I just upgrade my hosting to a better upgraded plan I mean in terms of speed for the image serving, backups would still be a pain though..

    I hope you guys/gals could give me some advice or insights on this.

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  • vapvarun


    @rt77 try keycdn or maxcdn any anyone similar which comes which plugin addon to enable it. With most of CDN plugin you just have to add the CDN url inside the plugin to setup them.




    >backups would still be a pain though

    These days, any decent hosting plan includes automatic backups and an interface for managing them.
    Backing up and handling the sql is trivial compared to the media for a large site, even if just images.

    But you are obsessing ( and not the first to do so ) about the possible problems of a successful site before you even launch. Your concerns and the possible solutions are well-documented and not unique. So just build, launch and go from there.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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