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Conflict between BP 1.5.6 and Gravity Forms – Who should fix it?

  • rossagrant


    Hi guys,

    Not sure which company should look at a fix for this but a GF admin has told me to post here.

    I have found a small, but pretty important conflict between BP and GF, and it’s been here a while.

    Basically when someone submits a form, you can set GF to send you an email notification and also one to the person filling out the form.

    You can set the ‘From name’ and the ‘From email address’ within GF backend.

    Now the thing is, no matter what you put in those boxes, if BP is activated, the emails are sent from with the site name as the from name.

    Deactivate BP, and it works just fine, obeying what you have set the names as in GF.

    With GF being one of the most used plugins on the planet, and BP being such a massive platform too, I don’t know who to approach for support, and which party is best to deal with the conflict.

    Could someone else test this and see if it does the same for you?

    Set up a basic GF, fill in the from name and email in the notification settings, and submit the form.

    You’ll see the settings make no difference when BP is active.

    Thanks :)

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  • BP used to need to do this back in the 1.0 days when we were on WPMU only. We’ve already removed it for 1.6 (I can’t find the commit on Trac easily, but look for the bp_core_email_from_address_filter function).



    Hey Paul!

    Thanks for your reply mate.

    I’ve just ran the same tests on BP 1.6 Beta 1 and we’re 50% there.

    The ‘from address’ now obeys perfectly. The ‘From name’ still sends it from the site’s name.

    Not a disaster, as at least now people can hit reply to that notification and actually send a reply to the correct address as opposed to etc.

    Anything that can be done to address the from name, or does BP need to work like that?



    By the way, loving BP 1.6. Just testing for quirks now, but all looks mighty stable! Loving the new Activity tab in the dashboard.

    I would regularly find myself diving into the DB to change activity posts. Can do it all from the backend now.

    Ross :)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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