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Confused about Member & Home themes

  • Sorry, I’m very confused about themes…

    There are 2 locations & 2 standard themes wp-content/member-themes/buddypress-member & wp-content/themes/buddypress-home

    So my thought is that the buddypress-home theme is the base theme for BuddyPress home page and joining members get the buddypress-member theme

    In the member-themes-readme.txt it says that any normal theme must be ‘BuddyPress enabled” to enable it as a member theme. It also says that any standard WordPress theme can be used as a home theme.

    So if I add a standard WordPress theme to the wp-content/themes directory & enable it I can change the base BuddyPress home page – that works ok. But any member going into their wp-admin pages and selecting Design/Themes can only see the activated themes in the wp-content/themes directory.

    Under the siteadmin/buddypress BuddyPress settings page I have a drop down “Select theme to use for member pages:” and in there I have “Buddy Press Member Theme” but when a member logs on all they can see is themes in the wp-content-theme directory…

    As I said I’m very confused about how this should be working. Is what I’ve said above the correct understanding and something is wrong with my install? Or have I misunderstood something?


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  • Wardee


    The buddypress-member theme is what styles the users’ profile pages (with profile, activity, groups, messaging, etc.).

    It is what you see at for your own profile, or if you click on any other member’s avatar.

    It is not for the members blogs. It is not for the home site. It is just for the profile “member” area.

    Burt Adsit


    It is a little confusing. There are two themes to deal with.

    A blog theme : bp home theme or wpmu theme

    A member theme: bp member theme

    The bp home theme is optional. It runs as a regular wpmu theme. If you don’t run this on a blog you are running a standard wpmu theme.

    The bp member theme is *not* optional and it’s not a normal wpmu theme. Doesn’t even install in the regular place. Is never activated by a blog or site admin. At the moment you have no choice but to run the bp member theme.

    The setting in the backend ‘buddypress > select theme to use for member pages’ is irrelevant at the moment. In the future when you or others develop alternative member themes, that is where you would select them.

    You have two themes. One mandatory member theme and a choice of what blog theme to use.

    (I’m learning from wardeh. Be simple and clear.)

    Many thanks for the explanations – I think I’ve got it :)



    I’m seeing quite a few questions about this popping up lately. I’m no fan of an abundance of stickies but perhaps this one deserves a spot in the limelight?

    Or should we trey and start some sort of FAQ thread (and, in the process, figure out a way to stop it from becoming completely unwieldy)?

    Burt Adsit




    Great! Now we just need to get users to look there as well. ;)



    Maybe, naming the member themes into ‘member profile theme ‘and the other into ‘blogs theme’ profile themes would make things clear.

    Closing this as the first post is now out of date.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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