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Content Publishing Twice

  • Doctor Psyringe


    So anytime someone comments, updates their status, comments on someone else’s status — it appears twice (sometimes much more, like 4 or 5, until page refresh).

    Now, I’ve read through a few forums – only one of which suggested that it was being caused by the Template Pack (which I don’t have installed). What’s worse, that post wasn’t on this web forum.

    I did just strip my theme of old 1.6.1 files. activity/blogs/forums/groups/members/global.js – from a 1.6.1 BuddyPress ready theme.

    Also – if the “activity stream” is listed as “Everything” – the page will ALWAYS refresh while trying to Comment. After you update your status (and that status comes out twice) — all the comment windows open and function correctly. If you change the filter from “Everything”, you can comment properly.

    What could I be missing? What is necessary to prevent the content from publishing twice?


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