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Controlling Notifications Should Be a Standard Feature

  • Tearstone


    I ran into an issue where I loaded BuddyPress and BBPress at the same time. I performed a conversion from vBulletin to WordPress and it went swimmingly well. However, over the past couple of weeks, my users have reported they have received anywhere from 20-50 emails a day with retroactive notifications about posts they were quoted on years ago. After two weeks of trying to figure out a solution, I came across this plug-in which I really feel needs to be apart of the core functionality of BuddyPress. I say that, because I found a lot of threads that were started and attempts at controlling notifications that did not seem to have a lot of traction.

    This diamond in the rough of a mod not only controls the default notifications set for users, but retroactively updated all the existing user accounts. I am happy to report that I all of these notifications have stopped and I am not upsetting my user base.

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