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Core field_1 getting overwrited with username

  • Damian


    Something really strange its happening on my buddypress. As soon as a new user register the field_1 (core field) that im using for First Name is getting overwrited with the username value.
    On a existing user if i edit the profile the same things happens
    To fix the problem i need to edit/save the field_1 in buddypress settings. Nothings seems to change on the database but for some reason it start working again .
    So with my existing user im able to edit the First Name aswell.
    Then someone register and the problem appears again.

    The register page is the default one.
    Lattest buddypress is installed.
    Let me mention this is a WordPress Mu + Buddypress site.

    Anyone find himself with the same problem??

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  • r-a-y




    Hi @r-a-y thanks for the help but im afraid i still got the same problem.

    I added the codded snippet on my register page, then i went and re-saved my field_1 to make it work again.

    I edited my profile and it saved the first name properly.

    I registered a new user.

    Without even activating that user i went to the edit profile on the previous account and clicked on Saved.

    Once Again “There was a problem updating some of your profile information, please try again.” And my first name was replaced with my username.

    If i try to change it again to my first name i wont get the error about updating my profile but i wont get my first name either . It will always shows the username.




    This is getting me totally crazy, i cant see an obvious reason of why this is happening as i cant reproduce the error, it just happens randomly , most of the time when a new user register …



    Ok after some more debbuging i found that the problems occurs when me or any other user visit another site different from the main site.

    I have a copy of my website for development where i was unable to replicate the problem, but then i visited one of my sites (remember im running buddypress + wordpress mu) and as soon as i edit my profile i get the error and the field_1 get overwritted with the username.

    My child sites are just twenty eleven sites where people can create their blogs. So not sure why if i move out of my buddypress main site i get the field_1 overwrited with the username.

    Also if i check wp_user_meta nick_name first_name and last_name appears empty, so it looks like for some reason the problem also broke the field profile sync.

    Once again if i edit and save the primary field, im able to edit it properly and the sync between bp and wp start working again until i move to a child site.

    Im totally lost on what can be causing this problem. I tried to open a ticket on the bug tracker of buddypress but someone deleted it without even saying a reason.

    i feel kinda alone on this community….

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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