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Could not add any topic on BBpress forum via Buddypress Group

  • rageshr007


    Hi…I m going through a tough time..Here is my setup…I had buddy press and BB press installed on my intra-net site…I have bb private groups created by department vice and create each department bbpres private forums which linked to respective departmental group from admin panel.(Froum -> create new->select Forum->Private. and on group -> create new group-> select status as private and enable ” Yes. I want this group to have a forum.” and select desired department forum from drop down)..Hope this is the correct steps i had followed…Intention is only members belongs to respective departmental group should be able to start and discuss a topics with in their departmental private forum.

    But when i go to a department group with a member log in of that group via front end…on forum tab add new topics option is there…But when i add new topic the ,pages refreshes and back to same add topic page..I cannot find any where the topic i had added..but few lines of the topic shows in the home tab of the buddy press front end.but not full content of the topic ..Then I had tried to add topic from admin panel..There i could add ..but that topic is not visible to receptive group forum tab from front end….Another wared thing ,i had already enabled “allow the group have its own forum ” option..But when i create a new group ,the wizard asking me to give forum name then on next step create forum for this group ,but this option is disabled ..I cannot make it “on” ..!!

    So i m confused how this BDP and BBP combination works…I had referred several videos on-line and all shows as simple steps…but i m not sure why i cannot have private group forum with topic the members can start and discuss on it…can any one shed light on this wared issue.!!!

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  • Venutius


    This sounds like it could be a conflict with other software loaded, have you tried disabling any other plugins? Also, it may be a theme conflict so you could try it running a default theme such as 2016.



    Hi Venutius….Thanks for your prompt reply….I had found root cause of the issue…in Buddy Press setting page Group Forums (Legacy one) was enabled e..When i disable that BBpress start to function fine….. :O)

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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