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cover-image missing when overloading CSS folder

  • r083r7


    I just copied the CSS folder as instructed on this page.

    Everything seems fine except now the cover-image is missing. I delete the CSS folder from my child theme and it’s back.

    Anyone else run into this?

    Theme Compatibility & Template Files

    “You may override the css by adding a folder /css/* to your theme root if you then, either, copy buddypress.css from /bp-legacy/ or create a new file named buddypress.css this file will be used instead of the buddypress version.”

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  • danbp



    you add only custom css rules to /child/buddypress/css/buddypress.css
    You don’t neeed to copy the whole original content to child. This avoid also to duplicate code.
    Files contained in child have priority over theme.
    In other terms what is not found in child (php, htlm, js, css) will be taken from the original source.
    In some cases, when you create a custom css rule, you need to add !important, like this:
    color: #000!important; By the way, you give high priority to the rule and you’re sure it is always interpreted.

    And of course, you need to triple check what you code. CSS rules with missing semicolon, or who aren’t closed can generate issues, from not be applied to blank pages…



    Thanks for the tips.

    Here’s what I did earlier:
    – I did in fact copy the /child/buddypress/css/buddypress.css file, including all css.
    – I did not make any changes to it so far, I’m just testing how this works at this point.

    Something doesn’t seem right if I’m understanding what you said. If I delete everything in the /child/buddypress/css/buddypress.css file I’m not adding anything. It should just jump to the default buddypress.css file and display the default BP look. Instead, when I clear the file it basically strips all css and that’s it. The BP pages look unstyled since there isn’t any css loading.

    Did some more troubleshooting and seems like if I have the /child/buddypress/css/buddypress.css file it just loads that file and stops there, it doesn’t reach out to the default buddypress.css.

    I’m going to keep troubleshooting, any ideas as to what’s going on please let me know.



    On a related note do you use the same technique to the other files to edit the BP theme. I mean only copy the file you want to edit and only include the custom edits.

    For example plugins/buddypress/bp-templates/bp-legacy/buddypress/activity/activity-loop.php




    Try to forget the bp child css folder and simply add your custom rules to child/style.css
    Just in case of, can you provide the /child/style.css header you use and the theme name ?



    Sure I can just use child/styles.css

    I’m using the Genesis Framework, specifically using the Genesis Sample child-theme.

    Header? You mean the part that’s commented in the css file on top? Here it is:

    	Theme Name: Genesis Sample
    	Theme URI:
    	Description: This is the sample theme created for the Genesis Framework.
    	Author: StudioPress
    	Author URI:
    	Version: 2.2.4
    	Template: genesis
    	Template Version: 2.2.3



    Add this inside the header, just after Template Version @import url("../name of the parent theme/style.css"); and give a try.

    May work… or not. It does with “usual” themes like Twenty Sixteen. But for a framework like Genesis, i ignore if it would. And as yo use a premium framework theme, see the theme doc or contact the genesis support. We can’t help much with such issues, except if somebody using the same theme would be able to answer.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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