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Cover photo – displaying cover information clearly

  • Venutius


    I notice in the next version of Buddypress there is going to be Cover Photo options for Members and Groups.

    This is a good development, however, having used cover photo features from other plugins I wonder if the main drawback of such a feature has been resolved.

    The main issue is that the photo typically obscures the other information that is typically displayed in the cover area, this is due typically to the photo being dark and the information text being dark also.

    Presumably this issue can be resolved using some customer css but I’ve not seen any info on how to do this and to be honest it is not a one size fits all solution, change the text to white and the user wants an image with a white background etc.

    So I think this needs to be looked at. One option would be to post the dark text with it’s own white background, however I think this would make the cover area look messy.

    Other options would be to move the information to underneath the cover photo, or allow the user to set the text colour at the same time as adding the cover photo.

    What do you guys think? Is there an easy solution to this? Does the new feature resolve it?

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