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creat a new blog post using buddypress’s “post update”

  • tifire


    When creating a new blog post, a user has to go to the wordpress admin panel, click the button “post” and then “Add New Post” there. (wp-admin/post-new.php). This is the default way for users to add a new post.

    Is it possible to add new post just like posting a update? (as the text input area on top of the buddypress site “Activity” page, titled with “what’s new username” and with a button “Post Update”). Can I just add an option, say “New Blog Post”, when the option is chosen, a text input area is shown for the user to type the post.

    In short, I just wanted the post creation to be as simple as a update. Features like “Save Draft” or “Preview” is no longer needed. It is pretty much like what facebook does. Users no longer have to go to the admin panel to creat a post. Can this be done? Any help would be appreciate.

    Thank you.

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  • modemlooper


    There is this plugin, however its out dated. I’m going to create something similar in the future. No date set but it’s on my list of plugins to create



    thank you for the kind response. I just tried buddypress quickpress and it didn’t seen to work. Just like what you said, it is out dated. I understand that it takes time. Just can’t wait for your plugin to be available, so we can use it for our project!

    If there is no current plugin available, could you please suggest where shall I start? I just wanted to move the blog post feature to the activity update area, probably by adding a new button and a popup window. Users can be confused if they have to go to the dashboard (the wordpress control panel) to create a single post.

    Also I have installed the plugin “buddypress groupblog”. Can the same thing be done to a group so group members can post group blog post the same way?



    I’ve used TDO-Mini-Forms for front-end posting and it works well. There’s also Gravity Forms if you want to go the premium route.



    thanks a lot pcwriter. I will try TDO-Mini-Forms.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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