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Create a custom page for different roles

  • vikrantshukla


    Hi All,

    I am using the Buddyboss theme which is being used as an educational platform. We have two user roles on the website Student & Instructor, which we are achieving by the use of BP Member Types. The major role of this website is for students to schedule appointments with different instructors.

    In the case of instructors, we will be using an appointment plugin which will have a different shortcode for every insturctor placed on the page named Appointment

    In the case of students, they will have the same shortcode on Appointment Page.

    My query is to add and appointment page in the Buddypress tabs and at the same time add the above mentioned functionality where the shortcodes can be added via the back-end

    Will look forward for your response.

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  • vikrantshukla


    Hi @djpaul and @johnjamesjacoby can you please help me on this, as read relative posts posted by you but was unable to find a similar solution to my problem.



    Please do not call out people directly unless they have already responded to your thread.

    You’re using a premium theme and one, maybe two, premium plugins.
    Your questions should be directed to the support provided by your purchases.
    You might find somebody here willing to help you.
    And you have a better chance of getting help if you show what you’ve already tried.
    ( Please use a service like gist when sharing code. )



    Thanks @shanebp

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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