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Create a Custom Profile Field

  • Hi, by default BP has The well Knowed (Profile Setup Page) and the custom field types (Check list, SelectBox, Text Box, Text Area, Etc).

    I Would like to create in BP Extended Profile for example, 3 different field types like 3 text box (each one with different width).

    Can You Help Me Please. i dont know how to do it in php, to save the values onto the BP Tables.

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  • stwc


    Is this the third or the fourth thread you’ve started with exactly the same question?



    Nowadays it’s popular to answer a question with a question? :-)

    Not, I have just created one, the other one its an error of BP thats why its empty.

    First One Its About Creating Default Values For Select Box Field

    Second Post Its about Creating Custom Field…

    So Im not used to BP, Im really a designer not a programmer. But I need some help…

    It looks like BP its abandoned.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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