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”Create a Group” doesn’t work — just seems to redirect to itself

  • Scott B


    Sorry for reposting this info, but I’m at a loss to understand what’s going on. I have a completely new install of WPMU 2.9.2, BP 1.2.3, with LDAP and SSL working. Everything seems to work fine for user authentication, blog creation, activity, mentions, etc.

    My site is setup for subdirectory blogs (blogs.corp.lan/blogname/).

    However, I cannot create any groups from any user account, including admin. When trying to create a group in Step 1, clicking the “Create a Group” button just takes me back to step 1 again, with blank form fields. I checked the MySQL database, and indeed, there are no entries in the wp_bp_groups table.

    This is a major feature we need. If we can’t figure this out, I’m concerned we’ll have to try to find another blog/CMS engine. I don’t want to do that — I’ve become fond of WPMU+BP!

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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