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Create a moderator role and forward notifications.

  • Kieran


    I’m looking to set up moderation through my BuddyPress install. I’ve looked at the permissions and no matter what I try I seem to come up empty handed – any thoughts on what permissions I would give to a user to allow them to delete others activity from the front end. I will have my site set up in such a way that the user (any level other than super admin) cannot see the back end.

    Further, I have set up a user called flag, (I have hidden flag from being visible anywhere on the site, and when a user attempts to go to the URL they’re forwarded to the support page I have setup) I wish to have their notifications forwarded to anyone who has X role or to a set of user ID’s that can delete said post if it offends.

    I used the above code to achieve the hidden user

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I’m pretty stuck.



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