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Create a Site Bug

  • Eric


    dear team,
    i am afraid i´ve found a bug in the “create a site” process under wordpress multisite and buddypress.

    issue: when creating a new site via BP frontend (/create/), BP uses the site domain of the BP_ROOT_BLOG blog id (site where BP runs) instead of the BLOG_ID_CURRENT_SITE domain (main site of the multisite install) to create a new site on the multisite install, but shows the “correct” multisite main domain on the BP create frontend when entering site name and site title of the new site.

    i noticed that issue through a new project setup where i needed to set the BP site on a different domain than the main site of the multisite. tested and replicable on my siteground install with wp 5.5 and bp 6.2.0

    looks like a low prio bug, but if someone has an idea to fix this, i would love to try it on my testinstall.

    tnx, Eric

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