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Create a special profile section?

  • agorafolk


    Hello to you
    I began to create a king of a community for people with agoraphobia and panic disorder, on a voluntary basis.
    So I have bbpress and buddypress, but it does not serve me deeply, because I lack an ultimate possibility, the main one: that everyone can create his space with their challenges. Basically, I need to find a way to add a tab to the users, and they can write what they want …
    That does not scare me put your hands in the code, although I’m pretty designer, so if there is a simple solution, or even a pluggin …

    Does it would be a kind custom post types? But I do not want users to have a backoffice, I would keep them on their profile to avoid disturbing the navigation …

    Thank you for your reading, your ideas are welcome! (and sorry for my english, I’m french!)



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  • ButlerWeb


    Does the area you want your users to write need to be like many different blog posts? Or just like a single biography section?
    I can help you with code for a biography section. For that you need Xprofile Fields installed.

    For blog posts, the answer I’ve gotten for that is to activate a Multisite network and then get the plugin for front-end blog posting (look for one that is compatible with BuddyPress).



    Hello and thank you for reply!
    It’s a good question, but I think it could be too simple with a text section (I have extended profile pluggin, I think it could work with it).

    For this type of project, it’s important people keep their old challenges (to see their progressions), and if they can put photos or little videos of their challenges, it could be so nice. So yes, I think like blog post it’s nice, but isn’t it complicated? Because each people write something, but it has to come in their own profile, not in a blog, it’s personnal, even if it’s “public”…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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