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Create Breadcrumb navigation

  • there is no answer to this question, but i have a major need for a breadcrumb navigation list, possibly integrated to

    i use a complete different theme than the ones provided with BP, and the theme is actually nesting a breadcrumb, but when i visit any of BP component, the breadcrumb is empty…

    i think it could be based on the function bp_get_page_title(), but i’m not sure.

    90% of the elements used to create the breadcrumb are there but also the url of the site is always built the right way, so i suppose it could be a snap to do it someway…

    the only thing needed actually is a list in

    • the same way we navigate thru WP usually…

    can someone work this out? *(i’d be ready to donate if someone can do it perfect…)

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    Brajesh Singh



    Just to keep you posted.I am working on this for a new theme of mine,But for me,I have been doing it on and off and I hope to complete it in next 2 weeks.Then I will release the enhanced here.If someone can do it before ,then that will be great.

    btw what you people think,A separate breadcrumb plugin for buddypress which shows the “home” for the profile page and say edit profile page as “Home”->Edit profile will be better or just extending the wordpress plugin ,which shows Home(for the main site)

    i personally find the NavXT version to be perfect as a widget (navxt widget)… you put it where you want, the only thing you need to do as a coder is to create the breadcrumb as a list (< ul >) and the themers do the rest…

    see how it works on my site:

    and yeah. this one is a BuddyPress… ;) theme from, i’m building a BuddyPress complete integration to be released…

    @brajesh, if you know where to grab the information needed to create the breadcrumb, you can tell me so i can help on the work to be done… i’m playing with BP for only a couple of hours today, so i do not know all the details, or i would do it myself for release… i’m coding for WP since day one, so i know where things go usually… ;)

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    sorry, edit:

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    Brajesh Singh



    well,have a look at the docs here.

    these should be helpful in creating the plugin

    About the $bp


    and may be a look at this

    Mainly with the help of conditional and $bp ,I hope you can do it.

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    can we get Bread-Crumbs into each page, so that the user will immediately see at which page he currently is ?

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    Breadcrumb is really missing!

    would love to see it on a next release (or maybe as plugin?)

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    Although I like things in core, this should probably be a plugin. What I would like in core (if it doesn’t exist already) is the variables/constants/functions to easily work with exist WP plugins to build what’s needed.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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