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Create custom profile field with multiple parameters

  • muckee


    Hi all,

    Experienced in web design but new to WordPress. Working on a theme which relies on buddypress.

    I would like to create a C.V. type area on the user’s profile. One section of this area is a list of qualifications. Currently, users can list their qualifications in a textarea.

    Instead, I would like to allow users to fill in three fields in that section. So they have ‘qualification name’, ‘result’ and ‘link’. I would also like to allow users the option of uploading an image of their qualification.

    I can’t work out where to begin. I downloaded the BuddyPress Custom XProfile Fields plugin, but I can see that this only allows single-field entries.

    I have also found this guide:

    But, again, it only shows how to display a single field.

    So here there are two problems. The secondary one is that users must be able to create new instances of this qualifications fieldset dynamically, though I expect that the solution to this will become apparent when I’ve solved the main problem.

    I need to know how to combine fields, so that when a user enters qualification name, grade and link, it is all stored together, or somehow related in the database, so that a single reference can be used to display each field relating to that particular qualification.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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