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Create Groups – Blank Page Error (help!)

  • David Z


    Hi – having a problem with creating groups. When I create a group the first two steps work, but when I click the “Next step” button to proceed to step 3 (upload Avatar), the page goes blank. The URL says “” but if I refresh, this takes me back to the group directory.

    I am comfortable enough with PHP/CSS to edit files if necessary like modifying themes etc. (I made my current theme BP compatible) however I really know next-to-nothing about PHP/CSS and absolutely zero about database stuff but I have a guy who can look at that for me if necessary.

    I am running WP 3.0
    BP Template Pack 1.02

    I deactivated all plugins except for BP and the error persists. These are the active plugins I use:
    BP Template Pack
    FeedBurner FeedSmith
    Fixed Social Buttons
    Google XML sitemaps
    Hello Dolly
    NextGen Gallery
    SFC – Fan Box Widget
    SFC – Find us on Facebook Widget
    SFC – Publish
    Simple Facebook Connect – Base
    TweetMeme Retweet Button
    Twitter Tools
    Wickett Twitter Widget
    WordPress Database Backup
    I think the problem is similar to this thread (no resolution, yet) except my “Create Groups” has never worked, and his sometimes worked in the past.

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