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Create News Feed like Facebook

  • avaiya


    Hi there,
    I just started using BuddyPress for my membership site 2 weeks ago. Is there a way to have a page, kind of like the Home page of Facebook, where you see a news feed of everyone’s posts in the membership?

    I see that under each person’s Profile, there’s an Activity feed, but that only shows the activity of that person. I want members to be able to see the activity of everyone, all in one place.


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  • Venutius


    I think there’s a few ways of achieving this, for one thing there’s a bunch of plugins that change the default activity feed in the members howmepage. Take a look at That would make a good start.

    Another way is to Overload the activity-loop page in BuuddyPress, this basciall does what the plugins do, but without a plugin. You can take the default page from the plugins/buddypress/bp-templates/bp-legacy/buddypress/activity/activity-loop.php and change the way the activity filters work for your site. It’s a bit more advanced but there’s plenty of forum posts about doing it.



    Thank you @venutius! I will pass this along to my web guy and we’ll implement it. Much appreciated.

    quick question:

    If we do the option to overload the activity loop will it be possible to have:

    -An activity feed showing activity from all members on our Home Page
    -On a members personal profile page, it just shows their personal activity stream?



    Yes you can do that, you can set new default filters for the activity to be shown.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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