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Creating a community language learning site between families

  • desmotta



    I want to create a site to realize the following principle:

    Families can register, create a profile with their centers of interest and “exchange” their child with that of another family in order to learn a new language.

    Families can search according to the center of interest of each family, language spoken and region …

    Families can charge for the stay in case it is not a “exchange” but only a “reception”.

    Each family has a personalized profile with their photos, a description, their interests and their availability.

    After the stay, a family can note and leave a comment on the stay made on the profile of the other family.

    Reference site:

    Could you tell me if this is possible with your plugin, if so how?

    I found a site using apparently buddypress “”
    It resumes in the outline my final goal. (Except online sales)

    Thank you for your answers, cordially, Anaƫl.

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  • Venutius


    May I ask, would this be a multi-lingual site?

    I think what you want done with the profiles is doable, you could configure the profile to display the families profile information and then ave a section for comments below that data. It would take a bit of coding but is achieveable.

    The multi-lingual aspect worries me as some translation plugins can be really complex and tend to slow down the site too much, but it depends how far you are looking to go with that translation.

    How are you going to handle these payments? Will they be managed through the site or completely separate from it?

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