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Creating a Custom Component Without Plugin

  • Nahum


    Is there a way to set up a component without going having to do a bp plugin – to unite my different custom post type activities and comments that were already set up through CPT registration and post/comment tracking?

    In order to filter activity like this;

    $args['object'] = array('blogs','my-video-cpt-stuffs', 'my-other-cpt-stuffs');

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  • shanebp


    Maybe, but not a good idea.
    For a custom BP component, it is always best to create a plugin.
    Use the existing BP components as a reference – it’s not hard to create a new one and you get the benefits of the kind of filters you need.



    @shanebp thanks for the reply

    I was looking at the BP component references, even on your event simple plugin to get an idea…

    If what I would like to do is just assign all my CPT comments tracking under a united CPT comments component or post component with all the different cpt post actions in one stream, I would need to create a different plugin for each combination of mixed activities?

    Let’s say I want to move around specific actons like “updated_profiles” from activity to custom component in order to address an issue like this…wouldn’t it be a solution to reassign an unwanted action to a custom component.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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