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Creating a database of trails

  • jacob.cowan


    I’m working on creating a database of trails – but I’m not hung up on “database” per se – using BuddyPress. I want to create a list of trails that can displayed on a map, displayed alphabetically, displayed by region, is searchable, and can be limited using features – such as length, difficulty, elevation change, etc. I am looking for an appropriate plugin or set of plugins to achieve this, and could use help and input. It’s essentially a database. I would like to allow some members access to adding new trails and editing existing ones, and I would also like to allow all logged in members to add trail reports, which would be displayed in reverse chronological order with the other trail information. I am still spinning my wheels looking for something that allows all of this. I don’t mind going premium if I have to, but I have a limited budget. This is just a pet project and is not a money maker for anyone. Many thanks for any input.

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  • grinsemaenner


    Did you find any solution? I plan something similar but with canoeing and other water sports.

    Thus, I’d be interested whether you managed to tweak your buddypress so that users can post new trips on maps themselves!?

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