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Creating a searchable social media

  • turntablehunter


    I have a developer building a website for me but I’m curious if it is possible to create a social network, say like a Facebook/buddypress plugin that requires the user when they submit or create a post, to select tags for that post so it is searchable across the website.

    For example camping network or website like facebook for just people who like camping.

    They make a post:

    Upload a photo of their tent etc.

    Then are required to select tags:

    Categories/Type of photo: Camping setup photo, food photo, landscape photo etc
    Type of shelter: RV or Vehicle Tent or Ground Tent or Man Made
    State Camping: Select State photo was taken
    Date Photo taken: Select date

    This way someone comes to the website and chooses to follow and only pay attention to their newsfeed or they use the search option and maybe they want to go camping in NY so they search: New York, Ground Tent, Setup Photo and it filters all of the posts to those tags that have been posted in the site…is this possible??

    My idea is for a different niche but trying not to give it away.

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  • clickallco


    Sure its possible if the coding is right… 🙂

    An easier way would probably be to do searchable/clickable hashtags instead, this way you wouldn’t need extra fields to fill in on the single activities.

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