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Creating a site to showcase artwork

  • nanetteiris


    Hello, I have a website that is focused on showcasing designers artwork/projects. I am looking for a solution that will allow designers to visit my website, create a profile and upload samples of their design projects and allow employers to have the ability to search for design students they would be interested in by college/university or specialty. I would also like employers to have the ability to post jobs.

    I’ve been searching for a good solution because right now I just have a form that designers would complete and then I would create a profile, enter their information and add the samples of their work. I thought about BuddyPress but not quite sure if that’s what I need. I don’t want everyone to have to create an account and login just to view designer’s artwork or jobs. The account creation would be primarily for the designers so they could upload their work and maintain their profile.

    Does it sound like BuddyPress might be a good option or do you have other suggestions?

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