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Creating a User Loop With Conditions and Output

  • xxmesoxx


    This is a topic that has been brought up before, but all the posts I found were from years ago and didn’t seem to work for me…

    I am looking to create a small piece of functionality based off custom user profile fields.

    My users are birders who have several fields in their profiles related to how many birds they have seen in a specific area. Eg: Each state has a profile field and each user has a value for each state.

    Now I want to have a page called Florida for example, and on that page I want to loop through all registered users who have a value more than 200 in their Florida profile field, and then print both their username and their total number for that field in a list that is sorted from highest to lowest, so the person with the most sightings in that state is on top.

    Any assistance in this would be most appreciated, as I’ve been struggling for several months now with this.

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