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Creating An Automated Financial System

  • maganiza


    Hi Guys

    So I am working on a project for college. I need to build a trading system for the classroom members. So far buddypress has most of the specs that can make this work. So below is how the system will work.

    Peers will visit the site and signup for membership. Once they activate a via link in their email they will login and update their profile. I don;t want them to see other members profiles, I don’t want them to create groups and send messages.

    So we will be trading books. When a member logs in for the first time the profile/dashboard should show ZERO BOOKS and BUY BOOKS(link). The member will then click BUY BOOKS, after clicking a page with a list of books should come up. The member will then choose a desired book and reserve it. Once reserved it should show within the profile/dashboard of the buyer and the admin will get a notification via email about the reservation. The buyer will should receive an sms notification with the book details. Once the buyer receives the sms then he can either hand deliver the cash to the book seller/owner.

    Once the transaction is completed offline the admin will confirm the transcation between the buyer and seller and update the number of books bought on the buyers profile/dashboard. The logic might be stupid but just need to achieve this.

    If you can give me pointers I will be a happy. Just need to create something interactive for my class.

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