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Creating from existing network

  • drumbeg


    Here’s my problem:
    I have a list of 100 clubs (tennis club, chess club…). They each have data like title, description, phone…
    1) I would like to initialize the buddypress members list with these clubs, adding some data fields and giving them a login/pass
    2) I would like people interested in a club to join the network but not be displayed in the top level list of members (which only shows the “club” members)
    3) These other members who join should be able to subscribe to a club, manage “members”, respond to posts the club makes…
    4) These users would not be visible in the top level list of members (since the members are only the clubs)
    Is this kind of thing possible with buddypress? (I’m guessing not) If not, what sort of solution should I be looking at?
    Thanks for any help

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