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Creating members-only site

  • jcknight


    I am attempting to use BuddyPress to setup a members-only website.

    The problems I am having:
    1. When the site loads it loads fully with everything accessible. How do you create the login page as your static frontpage, to block the site’s content from non-members?

    2. Buddypress automatically created members page, and activity page, etc… but did not create the registration page, or a login page. Is there a way to create these pages manually?

    Seems like this should be one of the easiest parts of this plugin but it was not automated and I cannot find how to manually set this up.

    1. yes I clicked on “anyone can register” in WP general settings.
    2. Once I clicked on it, the registration page and the activate page were created, but do not seem to actually work or hold any shortcode in them.
    3. No login page was created as mentioned above.

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  • vapvarun


    Hi @jcknight,

    Just to clarify, BP (BuddyPress?) does not have its own login pages. However, you can use the default wp-login page and customize it with a third-party plugin. There are also several plugins available that offer login shortcodes or widgets, which can help you create a login page. Hope this helps!

    For the Private community, you can use until it becomes part of BP v12.0.

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