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Creating Private Groups Gives No Access to Creator

  • knowitallninja


    I have discovered that when a user on my site creates a private group, once they clicked the finish button and takes them to the created group it presents them with this:

    “This is a private group and you must request group membership in order to join.”

    In the back end the user is shown as a member and indeed the group appears in their list of groups but when they click the visit the group they get that warning.

    Additionally, if they click the “Request Membership” tab and press submit, this will instantly fix the issue for that specific group (but displays an error initially).

    Also if I deactivate and reactivate any plugins I have to do with buddypress (e.g. invite anyone, buddypress for learndash) then this also fixes the issue for that specific group.

    This is strange and really unwanted behaviour. I have removed child theme elements related to groups, deactivated associated plugins (those two I listed above) but this doesn’t fix the problem so it seems to be something about buddypress itself. But this can’t be intended functionality.

    Any advice on what is going wrong and a possible fix?

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  • shanebp


    I cannot duplicate this issue.

    You can narrow things down by deactivating any plugins re buddypress.
    Then test the issue.
    If it does not persist, then reactivate those plugins One At A Time and test the issue again.
    That should allow you to identify the specific plugin incompatibility.
    AT that point, possible fixes can be discussed.



    Hi Shane,

    I went to follow your advice on the staging version of my website to find the issue didn’t exist there (despite being a 100% identical version of the site).

    I contacted my host who looked into and discovered disabling redis object cache fixed the issue (my staging site doesn’t have redis object cache enabled).

    Should this have been a problem? Or should I be able to use redis?





    I’ve never used redis object cache.
    But, object caching for WP can cause issues with BP because the object is not refreshed on a reload or ajax call.
    Even if you set the cache to refresh every few seconds, there will still be issues like the one you found.
    And page caching is much worse.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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