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Creating Two Steps before the actual registration to BuddyPress.

  • Kat


    So, I have this question about BuddyPress. Just wondering if its possible to create this:

    I would like to have two steps before going to the registration page using buddypress. This site I’m creating, its for people that want to create movements (in the default layout on buddypress, its called “Groups”) to help others.
    So, first step would be to put in what kind of “Movement” (orphanage, homeless shelter, etc) that they want to help.
    Second step, is to fill out the name of this “Movement” and some details, upload a photo, put in the amount of money they want to raise, and the date and time they are doing this.
    The Third step, is to go to registration and put in their own personal info to create the user account (Also, it’d be amazing if it showed a confirmation of the choices for steps 1 & 2 as well)

    Now, I would like that the first two steps show in a new group or “Movement” under this person’s profile, where people can join this “Movement” and donate. Does that make sense??

    Here is an example site: They have three steps, then after, you’ve created a campaign.

    I’m hoping that you can somehow direct me in the right direction on how to get this started, or perhaps, direct me to a plugin that could do this. Thanks so much!

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  • juanmaguerrero


    I would make a wizard, that is, splitting a long form in a few more user-friendly steps. I would create the custom fields you need and make them required in the registration, and then add some javascript to show / hide the fields as the user goes through the steps… that way you will not need to touch the backend.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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