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Creating users database with email ids and password

  • Krishnakumar K A


    Hi, I have friends list with name, email id, and mobile no. I have asked their permission to create a demo user data with their information and a common password (that they can change later). May I know how to create this data so that in my website already few hundreds of original users will be there.

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  • danbp



    this question is not related to BuddyPress.
    You have several options, from simple to overcomplicated.

    1) If you have only a few friends to add, you can do that manually from dashboard. You need also a phone field in xprofile.
    2) If you have hundreds, you need to write or generate a csv file and import them via phpmyadmin or any msql command line…

    All this is explained on WP Codex.

    Krishnakumar K A


    Hi, Thank you for the reply. Why do you think it’s not related to buddypress? I have few hundreds of friends. Can I create password like 1234 also using the above method? It would be much helpful if you can give me links to those knowledge base.



    As site admin you can create new users and give same a low strength password. This is basic WP management. You already have a link for this part of the work.
    If you have “hundreds” of friends to add it is of course a bit different – meaning it will not be done in 5mn. But it is not to me to tell you how to do this and where to find any knowledge document to achieve it. Codex are made for this – but sorry, i can’t sytematically lead any question asked on this forum to the appropriate page. My brain is not a codex summary ! Hope you understand. 😉

    You have to search on WP Codex and eventually on BP Codex. Essentially because of the phone number field, which is a custom field. You can do that with or without BP – and that’s why i said it’s not a BP question.

    If you want to take the BP route, you might check the code from BP Default Data, to understand how this plugin insert fake content to BuddyPress.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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