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Credits and Paypal

  • discdemo


    Does anyone know any plugins which will enable a site owner to offer credit purchasing of any sort?

    The user would purchase credits
    The site sends 90% of cost of credits to an email address/paypal account
    The site keeps 10% of each transaction
    The users who purchase credits are listed on a leaderboard, based upon credits purchased.

    Just wondering if anything liek this exists; perhaps it may need some further customizing, if so. Not sure of what is out there, so curious if anyone has seen or used something like this.

    This model is basically asking parents to make payment to their kids, via the site. Then, this pays out to the kid, but the site benefits from payments and the users compete based upon the credit purchases (which are motivated by the underlying site theme).

    Any ideas? Thanks for hearing me out! 😉

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  • discdemo


    UPDATE: I found BP GiftBar. i will be researching, still. Feel free to comment on this plugin or suggest another. thanks in advance for any feedback!

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