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Cropping full size and thumb nail images for group avatar is mess up in Firefox

  • arghagain


    Cropping full size and thumbnail when create group for buddypress 1.0.3 is not working well in Firefox. Thumbnail cropping creates a large preview image, and then at the very bottom outside of preview image it create a small box. I have to move my mouse within the small box to get certain area of preview image to be crop. Extremely hard to control.

    The cropping of full size image for group is not perfect, it creates preview image, and a bigger box ontop of preview image, but I cannot change the dimensions of the box even though it allows mouse pointer to change when move your mouse to the edge of the box.

    I test this with firefox 3.5.1 but not test this yet with ie.

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  • JJJ


    The cropping tool will be getting a makeover/update in upcoming versions. This isn’t only with Firefox but other browsers as well. It usually works really well with the normal BP member theme, but anytime a theme has a fixed width, the JS doesn’t play nicely and it doesn’t get the dimensions of the bounding box properly.

    Long story short, we’re on it. :)

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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