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cropping issues in bp 1.7

  • charlietech


    Users are having a hard time cropping images in profile<change avatar; they always have to crop it 2-3 times. Any suggestion for cropping images? Could i get any info about mobile cropping? difficult as well.

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  • You will need to supply a fair bit more technical info on what is actually happening when your users try and crop an image, what you describe above is not sufficient to be able to help much with.


    fwiw testing cropping an avatar in 1.7 / 2012 theme shows no issues whatsoever.


    if you have plugins that might affect things disable them and test again, likewise if you are using a custom theme that may also be causing the issue so enable the bp default theme or theme known to function correctly  Рtwentytwelve Рand check again.




    Thanks for the reply hugo,

    On my phone i’m getting a double image/ like a 3d effect.

    Your original post suggested that you were having a general issue with avatar cropping, and mentioned ‘mobile’ only as a secondary issue suffixed by ‘difficult as well’


    Please clarify if this issue is just with mobile display. If not what is the general outcome from my first post suggestions for troubleshooting the issue?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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